Optimal balance between
damper dimensions & net section

The Markage FD multiblade fire damper is only 250 mm deep and comes without protruding damper blades. Moreover, these damper blades are also very thin (30 mm), resulting in better net sections and consequently less pressure losses. 

Because the Markage FD is located in the airflow of a HVAC system by default, this is a clear benefit.

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One fire damper covers a range from 200x200 till 1000x2400 mm

The Markage FD multiblade fire damper is available from the smallest dimensions (W200xH200) to very large dimensions (W1000xH2400 mm).

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Installation benefits

Both the minimal depth and the (non-protruding) thin damper blades of the Markage FD bring a number of benefits in design and in the installation stage, for example in these particular situations:

  • Installations next to rectangular 90° bends or T-junctions without disturbing the net cross-section of the adjacent duct.

  • Installations including a grill on one end of the damper (car parks, exhibition or sports facilities, large technical rooms…).
The design of the Markage FD multiblade firedamper brings a number of benefits both in design and installation. Therefore it is the ideal damper to use in situations with space restrictions.

Technical Brochure

In the technical brochure you can find all the relevant information about the markage FD. Technical details about our multiblade fire damper, various options, installation manuals, possible mechanisms, certificates and so on are described in detail here. 

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