ZENiX-100 master: a versatile controller

The ZENiX-100 controller is at the very heart of the ZENiX system: it monitors and controls all fire and smoke control dampers and shutters, manages all inputs and outputs as well as all participants in the network. The programming and operation software are embarked in the ZENiX-100.

At the heart of the system can be translated quite literally: the bus network physically starts and ends at the ZENiX-100 controller. All participants on the network are connected via a 4-wire bus cable.

Starting up the system only requires power on the ZENiX-100 controller: you can proceed with the data point check directly and check out if every module is found and recognized. This process is done automatically as all participants are pre-addressed and no configuration is required. The ZENiX-100 is able to detect wiring mistakes if any, showing which wire is affected and its location.

A single ZENiX-100 controller can monitor and control up to 100 field devices. For larger premises several ZENiX-100 controllers can be connected into a single network.

A versatile controller

Sometimes fire safety scenarios can be quite elaborated: the building might be divided into multiple fire zones, specific smoke control scenarios might generate a matrix of different possibilities, overrides might be required or a sequential activation of various systems, several priority levels might be set… Yet with the ZENiX Programming tool it is easy to implement those scenarios and Rf-t will do so according to your needs.

But often the fire safety is quite simple and only requires fire dampers to go to their safety positions if the fire alarm is triggered. For those cases the ZENiX-100 controller has a pre-programmed scenario which only needs to be triggered by a physical input for the fire alarm panel. In other words, with a simple cable you can have a fully operational fire safety solution without any programming required.

Standalone or integrated in a Building Management System (BMS)

The ZENiX-100 controller is packed with all the software required to program and operate a fire safety automation system on its own.

It is also possible to connect the ZENiX-100 controller to another system such as a BMS. The controller is fitted with an integrated BACnet IP gateway. The connection is made via an RJ45 ethernet port on the ZENiX-100.

Product features & benefits

  • Up to 100 field devices per ZENiX-100 controller. Multiple ZENiX-100 can be integrated into a single network
  • Onboard pre-programmed basic scenario, activated by digital input
  • Full (matrix) programming possible, including priorities, multiple alarm levels, conditional alarms…
  • System check only requires power on the ZENiX-100 controller
  • ZENiX-100 automatically identifies and addresses all field devices during the data point check
  • Onboard ZENiX Webtool software identifies precise location of possible wiring mistakes
  • Onboard BACnet IP gateway for connection to BMS and other systems
  • LEDs indicate status bus communication, alarms and errors

The ZENiX system is very flexible: it can be used for basic fire scenarios using a pre-programmed solution, but also for multiple matrix-based fire scenarios. ZENiX allows to:

  • monitor both motorised (24 and 230V) and mechanical dampers
  • monitor and control fire dampers, smoke control dampers and shutters
  • generate outputs to other systems (like f.i. a BMS) and to other HVAC components

Discover more about the ZENiX system and all its components in the general ZENiX product brochure. Or visit the Controllers product page on our main website to find technical and other relevant information about every component of the ZENiX controlling system.