CRS60. A new fire damper for on-wall & remote installation

With the CRS60, Rf-Technologies is launching – mainly for the Scandinavian market – a new EIS60 circular fire damper for on-wall and remote installation. Thanks to a smart design, the CRS60 delivers excellent aeraulic and acoustic performance but also brings an extra layer of safety, hassle-free installation, and maximum installer flexibility.

The optimized design of the CRS60 damper (the thinnest damper blade on the market) ensures optimal free air passage and minimal pressure losses. A compact collar and short damper tunnel (210mm) allow quick and easy mounting, both on-wall and remote. The ONE actuator from Rf-Technologies adds an extra layer of safety: it has an active mechanical fuse even without mains power. A 2nd electrical fuse activates in case of out-of-duct fire.

The new CRS60 damper is available now in diameters 100-630mm (also with Belimo actuator).

Product features & benefits

  • optimal free air passage & minimal pressure losses
  • optimal acoustic performance
  • hassle-free installation
  • maximum designer flexibility
  • extra safety layer with ONE actuator
  • lower power consumption
  • suitable for mounting remote from wall & floor
  • air-tightness class C according to EN1751
  • suitable for mounting on rigid wall/floor and flexible wall (metal stud gypsum cardboard wall)
  • tested according to EN 1366-2 at 300 Pa
  • maintenance-free
  • for indoor applications
  • P-marking / SundaHus
  • BIM data available

On the CRS60 product page you can find more information about range and dimensions, operation and mechanisms, options and kits, installation and classification.